DnD Trance

Working on a portrait of a DnD campaign character. Trance is a Forestlord elf; having the typical green skin and has white hair. She is accompanied by a snowy white owl who loves to nestle in her hair; but not poop on her (eww Radagast). This piece will be done in watercolor and with some darker colors I think. A dark sunset perhaps so the waning light can wash her hair in color…muhaha!trance portrait


Holiday Sale & new dice pendants

The holidays are here and that means making new jewelry! Making my art and crafting keep me sane as I heal up from my recent surgery. Also my husband and I are getting stationed in a couple of months; so looking at houses online also occupies my time. Lots of new changes will be on the way during the next three months. So I leave you with some new pictures of what’s in the shop. Happy Holidays!holiday-ad-facebookbluespecial4blackngold4  DSC07284 gold2 pinksparkle2 redsilver4 yellowbrass3

Fancy dice

Some of my new ‘fancy dice’ pendents. I recently got back for G.A.M.E year six and made many new items to sell. So I’ve been slowly trying to integrate them into my Etsy shop online. It’s slow going so far, but figured I’d share. 🙂

DSC07249 DSC07253 DSC07257 DSC07261me at game 2014crown

Also made this tentacle crown to wear with my costume. My friend Brandi took my picture at the convention. You can see her stuff on Etsy too:


Forest lord elf Trance


This is a digital painting I just did for a new campain I’m in. Her name is Trance, her favorite thing to to do is meditate and collect crystals and rare minerals to help stabilize her chakras. She is also a Soulknife and a Druid… She has a complicated past and her future is looking to be no less. Did I mention her crystal construct? Viv is her name. She’s a real chip, and a bully. That’s her down in the right corner, the black crystal with the squid like tentacles. Apparently she just started touching random things and they began to glow. WTF is happening DM!?

Copper love!

It’s hard to make stuff you want to keep for yourself! I really like these Copper Sands dice that I got in. They are a color I don’t have any longer because my friend loved them more. And so I had to be the good friend and let her have them lol. i had a double of the D20 and so I made this necklace out of it. Its a very organic and free-style type of wrap.


Copper Sands D20 polyhedral pendant necklace by UDesigns